The CalCup Formula Lending Library for New Racers

Hi Everyone,

We are starting our plans for CalCup for 2007, and here is the first of many things to come. We want to encourage new racers to try not only the sport of Formula Windsurfing but also racing in CalCup.

We have both heard so many times from windsurfers that ‘our sport is dead’. Really? Well we don’t think so, and we also don’t intend to sit on our ‘rumps’, but instead do something about bringing new people into the sport we both adore.

Once people discover windsurfing and are learning how to sail, they then see the formula racers practicing out on the Bay, but don’t get the chance to race as they don’t have boards etc and don’t want to go and purchase equipment straight away in case racing is not for them.

This year, for the last 3 races of CalCup Russell, aged 15 years and his brother Andrew aged 13 years joined us. They could already windsurf but had never set foot on a formula board or raced. We lent them our boards and fins and off they went. Look at the CalCup results to see just how well these guys did once they had the chance to race!

So with this lesson learnt, this is what we plan for 2007, BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We are starting THE NEW CALCUP FORMULA EQUIPMENT LENDING LIBRARY FOR NEW RACERS! We will store the equipment and get the equipment to the CalCup races for new racers who tell us in advance that they are going to race on a given day.

To make this happen WE NEED YOUR HELP! We are asking anyone who has an old formula board, fins, smaller sized sails, bases, masts etc etc to think about donating them to the NEW CALCUP FORMULA EQUIPMENT LENDING LIBRARY FOR NEW RACERS! We accept your gifts from today.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Regards, Mike & Jane.