Treasure Island Access Threatened!

Hi Everyone,


Two days ago JK bought to our attention a possible water access problem at TI for 2007.

Jim McGrath, who also had been unaware of this issue, has stepped up to the plate, and has been dealing with this issue for the last 48 hours.

This is the gist of what the Navy intends to do during 2007:

The Navy needs to do remediation work to the soil and paint in the housing area just west and south of the TI launch site - this is a good thing the work needs to be done. BUT apparently they want to use the parking area for staging and soil storage, which would eliminate parking, and possible fence the access. Yesterday Peter Thorner spoke to the Treasure Island Board, and they strongly urged the Navy to work something out before the end of this month.

We need windsurfers to E-mail, (and if possible also send copies by mail,) the Navy and BCDC with a short message. It could be something like this:

"I am a windsurfer that frequently uses Treasure Island to launch, and I just found out that the Navy is planning to close the popular launch that I use.  There are numerous State and Federal laws and policies that encourage public access to be preserved, and it is not clear that the Navy has taken these laws into consideration.  While we support the clean-up of contaminants and transfer of the base to the City of San Francisco, we urge you to complete that project in a manner that maintains our access to the bay.  The parking and launch site at Treasure Island only occupies about an acre, and I think that the Navy can preserve this area for public use while completing the remediation project."

Mail should be sent to: 
James Sullivan,
James B. Sullivan, Navy BRAC PMO, 1455 Frazee Rd, Suite 900, San Diego, CA 92108. Tel: 619 532 0966

Copies should be sent to:
Steve McAdam of BCDC,

Jack Sylvan,
Jack Sylvan, Treasure Island Redevelopment Project Manager, Mayor’s Office of Base Refuse and Development. Tel: 415 554 5313

Loraine Lee, Community Liaison, The Villages at Treasure Island,

Peter Summerville, Assistant to the Director of Island Operations, Webmaster, Tel: 415 274 0665

Mirian Saez, Director of Island Operations, Office of the City Administrator, Tel: 415 274 0660

And please let Jim have copies of your mail so that he knows how much support there is. Jim can be reached at:

We would welcome comments from any of you.
Our thanks go to to JK for making us aware of the situation and for MAC taking on the project.

We will keep you updated with the situation.
Mike & Jane.

We have also been sent the following links for you to check out:

The same person who found these links also has a PowerPoint presentation from the Navy that details the project. Contact us off list if you wish the person's e-mail address.