June 23 , 2007 CalCup 2 (Emeryville) Results


We had 28 racers who turned out……what a turn out!  25 who registered to race…3 who were just visiting….great to see.

Nick Martin who was here to visit and offered to help with race committee, but I had as usual Marley, and then Jason Ward and Danielle Svehla (Eric Christianson’s fiancée) who had offered to help a month ago, and also visiting help Nic Percey.....next time Nick (Martin) we would love to have you aboard. When are you next in these waters?

The clinic ‘Racing Starts and Tactics’ by Mike Percey was great, so many racers turned out for it, about 19. I hope that you all enjoyed it and also learnt something.

It was a very hot day, and we had the ‘C CUP’ the new CalCup boat out on the water…just about. We have a lot more work ahead of us on here, but at least she is now in commission.

We would like to officially launch her next race. Who would like to bring the bottle of Champagne? If you do, you get to say all those official words… with this….I name C-Cup etc. Who is up for this? Please e-mail me and let me know.

The boat has no awning at the moment, so I was rather concerned at having everyone out on the water with no shade cover, so the race committee stayed ashore as long as possible. (It was OK for you guys, you either stayed under the trees on shore, or when launched, got the opportunity to jump into the water). The race committee just fried on the boat…all expect Marley, who snoozed in the shaded cabin.

The wind was fickle with us, as we had expected, but we did our best. When everyone got out on the water, the wind died again. Mike saw us losing racers, so as an ‘on the spur of the moment’, he decided to have a fun race, instead of losing the fleet. We hope you managed to have some fun? Fun races are NOT scored; they are as said, fun. 19 Racers took part in the fun race. We have the scores if you would like them.

We then managed to get the first race started, and it was a long race for all concerned. The race committee pulled up the course buoys at 6PM!

We would like to thank you all, for your support. We are all looking forward to the next CalCup race. See you there.


Division: A

Sail Skipper Total Race 1
1 S3 Sylvester,Steve 0.75 0.75
2 ML Zajicek,Mike 2 2
3 VYV Percey,Mike 3 3
4 44 Christianson,Eric 4 4
5= VHV Hop,Dave 7 7 DNF
5= USA12 Radkowski,Chris 7 7 DNF
7= USA4 Bodner,Steve 18 18 DNC
7= AP Prussia,Alan 18 18 DNC
7= a Zahedi,Soheil 18 18 DNC
7= Mac MacGrath,Jim 18 18 DNC
7= 22 Bamer,Ben 18 18 DNC
7= 246 Preuit,Lyn 18 18 DNC
7= 223 Davenport,John 18 18 DNC
7= 46 Wells,David 18 18 DNC
7= US86 Yen,Royce 18 18 DNC
7= US882 Mirel,Al 18 18 DNC
7= US008 Peer,Gary 18 18 DNC

Division: B

Sail Skipper Total Race 1
1 USA314 McDonald,Bryan 0.75 0.75
2 USA360 Leitner,Matthaeus 2 2
3= US54 Stienstra,John 6 6 DNC
3= SM Michna,Doug 6 6 DNC
3= USC Popov,Ivan 6 6 DNC

Division: C

Sail Skipper Total Race 1
1 USA21 Olinger,Lynn 0.75 0.75
2= CAN406 Fortier,Isabelle 4 4 DNC
2= USA6 Thole,Timothy 4 4 DNC

Division: J

Sail Skipper Total Race 1
1 AL Leitner,Astrid 0.75 0.75
2 143 Lepert,Marion 2 2