2006 CMB 24 Hour Windsurf Endurance

The 2006 CMB 24 hour windsurf endurance race was held on July 15 and 16 2006 on the Moulin Blanc beach in France. 75 Competitors raced in 3 person tag teams for 24 hours, taking shifts to rest and eat. The hardcore competitors in the open class raced all night, while the youth and fun classes took a break at night. At night the competitors wore headlamps to light the way. The equipment used varied greatly and included Formula Boards, Mistral One-Designs, Exocet Konas, and even the Lechner board from the 1992 olympics. The organizers are contemplating adding 420's and Lasers to the racing for next year.

The results:

Open Class: 1. Merret - Quentel - Madec; 2. Lecointre - Mainffray - Noesmoen; 3. Auffret - Religious bigot - Euffret.

Fun Class : 1. Gouic - Moal - Kerever; 2. The Guy - Messada - Andréatta; 3. Pinlou - Deschaux - Guen.

Youth: 1. Briand - Blanchot - Blanchais; 2. of Souza - Eon - Direur.


A video of the event

A group of Exocet Kona boards launching at the event: