2006 End of Season Party

Hi Everyone,

We have a special CalCup raffle draw for all 2006 registered CalCup racers who attend the party at StFYC this Saturday, before we draw this raffle. The only rules are you have to be at StFYC before the raffle is drawn and you have to come and register with us on the night, and be a registered 2006 CalCup Racer!!! Your name goes into the hat...and we will draw it after the CalCup Awards.It's easy, it's free, and we just want to thank you all for racing with us this season :) So what is the 1st prize? 1st prize - THE WESTIN, ST. FRANCIS
335 Powell Street, San Francisco, California 94102. A GIFT CERTIFICATE FOR: AN OVERNIGHT STAY IN DULUXE ACCOMMODATION (value $389) PLUS DINNER IN THE OAK ROOM FOR UP TO $125 Good luck to all of you.

Regards, Mike & Jane.