Berkeley Windsurfing Series (BWS)

The Wednesday night Berkeley Windsurfing Series (BWS) kicks off on Wednesday (TBD) at the Berkeley Marina. This series is intended to be a slalom format race series, but if the wind doesn't cooperate, the race committee might switch to a formula format (see course maps below...).

If we know in advance that there will be no wind on a Wednesday we will switch in advance to another day. So check the telephone Hot Line and this web page. If the wind just does not co-operate on the day, we will try to re-schedule the race for the following day. So check the telephone Hot Line for last minute changes!

A skippers Meeting will not be held every week. If anyone needs help, see Ben before the race and/or see Jane on the committee boat. Please let Jane know if you are racing.

Results will be posted on the "Sched. & Results" page.

Voice line is - 925-370-1570.  Updates will be provided as necessary.


Slalom Course Map

Formula Course Map


Berkeley Marina


  • 05:15pm - Skipper's meeting
  • 05:30pm - First possible start


To Berkeley on Interstate 80, and take the University Avenue exit. Follow the signs for the marina -- (University Avenue heading west toward the bay...). Drive past the Sea Breeze Market on your left and stay in the left lane. Bear left when you get to the "Y" intersection. A few hundred feet down the road turn left into the gravel parking lot.