The first inaugural Friday Night 'Beer Can' Race September 17th 2010

Hi everyone,
Great news, BYC (MAP) has opened it doors to Formula Windsurfing racing.

The last time I know of a windsurfing race series, being raced out of BYC, was in the late 80's, and it was for longboards, and was run by Ed Shirk. (Maybe you know something different?)

So here we are in 2010, over 20 years later, and windsurfing racing is starting again, at BYC.

As this race will be a test run, we are dealing with possible light winds, and sunset at 7.15pm, we have had to make it an invitational race, and the invitations have gone out.

Now we are inviting everyone else, to come to BYC, cheer the racers on from the veranda, have fun, and enjoy the hospitality of BYC. There will be the usual Friday Night BBQ, and bar.

Skippers meeting is at 5.30pm, first possible start of the race, at the moment, is, 6.25pm or 6.30pm. (Race time will be given at the skippers meeting, as there is a possibility of moving it forward 5 mins.)

There will be a new winter & summer series of races, open to all racers. The dates will not conflict, with StFYC dates, as Jim Kiriakis and I will work together, to make sure this does not happen.

I have been working on this project for about 5 years, and I have so many people to thank for supporting it.
BYC board members & elders, who have, over all these the years, listen to everything I have said.
Ben Bamer, whom I got to talk at a BYC dinner meeting about 5 years ago. We wondered if it would work. Instead we had so much interest, we were still answering questions, after the dinner, as we were trying to pack gear and leave!
Jim McGrath, Paul Kamen, Steve Sylvester, and the BYC board, who have been working on the marina access for many years.
David Wells, for all his work, behind the scenes, in the last months.
Ed Shirk, who has supported this project for years, and will be in charge of the chase boat for this race.

I hope that you can all come and watch your friends, race out of BYC. Its been a long time since there has been a race out of BYC, over 20 years. Please join us and come and celebrate.


For those of you racing, we will probably be rigging on the lawn in front of the BYC, but if there is no space, Horseshoe Park is also a rigging location. See the following map for the location of both: