The following is a Movie with the GPS tracks of Johnny Heineken (Red Boat), Adam Koch (Blue Boat), Jean Rathle (Black Boat) and Soheil Zahedi (Green Boat) for the 2012 Ronstan Bay Challenge distance race. You can watch the actual race unfold for these 4 competitors by watching this movie. The gpsar player is set to 55x actual time for quicker playback of the 1.5 hour+ race.

*Note: If you're not on an Apple computer or mobile device (iPad/iPhone), you will need to have Quicktime installed to play this movie (click the Quicktime 7 button below to install...). Additionally, depending on your browser, you may have to right-click the empty or grey box displayed and select "open video in new tab" or "view video" in order to get it started.

2012 Ronstan Challenge Tracks